To ensure a smooth, efficient on-site deployment, our engineers will pre-stage and pre-configure your premise equipment for functionality and application testing prior to deployment on-site.

Whether deploying MPLS, Ethernet, SD-Wan or another technology to provide access for your voice and/or data services, Managed Installs is your partner for successful deployments.

Managed Installs is the technology rollout leader in the deployment of nationwide multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts for commercial and government organizations. Utilizing our proven processes and methodologies, we provide, manage and support a national field force of local onsite technicians to deploy infrastructure technology on a nationwide scale. This includes the development of requirements and relay of technical knowledge quickly and accurately to our onsite technicians for the installation and service of each location.

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1. Plan


Planning is necessary for a successful installation. A planned install is a successful install. Site-surveys, pre-sales engineering, and a thorough understanding of customers needs and requirements go into the planning stage.

2. Design


Design services encompassing customer requirements, technology considerations, and cost-awareness insure customer needs are met.

3. Deploy


Our network of competent field engineers, experienced deployment coordinators, and proven strategies insure a smooth deployment. Continuity of service is priority 1.

4. Managed Installs Care

 Managed Installs Care

24/7 Remote network monitoring is provided to proactively response to customer needs and requirements. Our approach to customer care after the sale is what sets Managed Installs apart. When we spot an imminent service failure, our NOC staff will contact you to coordinate a repair and if needed, will quickly dispatch a technician to solve the problem.

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